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17 Ways to Get a New Seller or Buyer Client Within 7 Days

Let’s face it. All of us could do more business than we are. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how many easy ways there are to get new clients. I have an idea. Read through this list and pick your 3 favorites. Do them for the next 7 days, every day with a passion. Make these tasks the center of your existence. If you do, you will get at least one new client.

Here is the list, in no particular order:

  1. Call every person who’s contact information is saved in your cell phone. Ask them if they are looking to buy or sell. Ask them for referrals.
  2. Make a small flyer called “The 10 most asked questions about real estate in (your city name)”. Go to a crowded place and hand out a ton of them. When you hand it to someone, ask them if they have any questions about real estate. A lot of people will.
  3. Go to Hudhomestore.com. HUD allows any agent to advertise their listings. Post all of the local HUD listings on craigslist. Put a link in the ad and your phone number. Have it say “contact us to get a free list of all the HUD homes and foreclosures in the area.” This works, trust me.
  4. Go to any sort of business networking event. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals from everyone you meet. This is the reason you are there.
  5. Look up expired listings on the MLS every day. Mail them a letter the first day, then every few days send a postcard. People will call you.
  6. Look up for sale by owner listings on Zillow. Mail them letters and postcards. Some of them will list their house with you.
  7. Drive to for sale by owners or expired listings and knock on the door. If they don’t answer, knock on the neighbors doors to. Ask if they know when the owner will be back, and ask if they want to sell or buy. And don’t forget to ask for referrals!
  8. Go to Vistaprint and order some shirts. Put a message that says something like “I will pay you $5 if you ask me a real estate question that I can’t answer”. Or something else creative. People won’t be able to resist talking to you.
  9. Call local business owners in your area. Get a few of them to split the cost with you of printing some really awesome flyers (or get enough people on board to cover all of the cost, and get your info in there for free). Send out 10,000. Put a good ad with a good reason for people to call you. They will call.
  10. Teach a class at a local college, or real estate group. Someone there will know someone that needs to buy or sell and they will think of you as an expert.
  11. Put an ad on the radio. Make an offer like “Sold in 30 days or I’ll sell it for free”. Make sure you have some fine print that explains they must list it with a 30 day sell price in order to take you up on that offer. People will call you.
  12. Email every single person in your contact list asking for a referral.
  13. Put a sign in front of your office that says “stop in today for a free list of foreclosures and investment deals”. People will stop in.
  14. Throw a referral party at your office or a local restaurant. Invite friends, family, and past clients. Offer them free drinks and appetizers. As each person walks in hand them a slip to write down a referral for you. Tell them it can be anyone they know that might even think about buying or selling in the future.
  15. Do 6 open houses this weekend. Most people only do 1. Call other agents that have listings near by and try to coordinate with them to have their’s open to. This will draw more people to the neighborhood and you can cross-promote.
  16. Before the open house, go knock on the doors of the 10 houses closest to you. Invite them to the open house. Ask them if they are looking to buy or sell. Ask them for referrals. If you do 6 open houses this weekend that is 60 doors you will knock on. Do you think one of them will want to sell? I bet they will.
  17. Send out a mass text to every contact in your phone asking for referrals or if they are looking to buy or sell.

Of course there are still so many more things you can do! I hope this list gets your brain working and coming up with new ideas. Stay motivated and get your ass out there. There are people everywhere that will hire you. All you have to do is find them. If you make that your goal every day you will sell so many houses. And it just gets easier and easier. As you list more houses you will start getting calls from your signs, and referrals from your clients. Your business will continue to grow faster and faster. So, maybe you should start today?

If you have any other ideas or a success story you should be sure to leave it in the comments.

Author: Justin Razmus

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  1. Door hangers are pretty cheap and you can hire a neighborhood kid to put them up for you. Or do it yourself. Its good exercise.

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  2. I’m always worried people will think I’m a spammer, but I mass-texted every number in my phone(#17) and got 5 responses, with 3 of them that want to meet after the holidays. Nobody seemed to get mad or anything, so I say it was worth it.

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