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7 Powerful Ways For New Realtors to Get Their First Lead

Getting your first leads and closing your first deal are a huge and exciting step when you start your real estate career. Sometimes it is really tough to know where to start to get things moving, so here are a few ideas. Just remember, it’s not that hard to succeed if you just keep pushing. Always remember it’s a numbers game. The more people that you contact, the more likely you are to get leads.

10 Ways For New Realtors to Get Their First Lead


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    1. Talk to everyone you see! This is the easiest way to get leads, and it is free. And I don’t mean just kind of slip it into conversation here and there. Get in the mindset that you are hungry for your first deal. Don’t be afraid to outright ask EVERYONE you meet if they are looking to buy or sell a home, or if they know anyone that might be. Be bold about it. The more people you ask, the faster you will start bringing in good leads.


    1. Networking events. This is just another way to get to talk to people. At these events people usually expect you to tell them about your business. I suggest going a step further than just telling. Ask them to hire. Ask them to give you a referral. In fact, try to get them to give you the names and numbers of the referrals right at that moment. If they say they have a referral, don’t let them leave without giving it to you, otherwise the chance of them forgetting increases substantially. Also, don’t stick with one type of networking group. There are a lot of boring and stuffy business networking groups out there, and if you just stick with those you will run into the same people every time. Check out Meetup.com for all kinds of groups in your area. Remember, it doesn’t just have to be networking events you attend.


    1. Craigslist for buyers. There are a couple ways to get leads from Craigslist. First, since you are new you probably don’t have any listings. What you need to do is find someone in your office that does, and ask them to let you post some of them on Craigslist. If they ask why that’s a good idea, let them  know you are new and eager to close deals. You will do everything you can to get buyers through those houses. It’s free exposure for their listings. IMPORTANT: When you post the ads you MUST have a call to action. The best way is to have a link that send them to a website with a signup form. A popular call to action is “Sign up to get a free list value-priced local foreclosures”. Or something along those lines.


    1. Craigslist for sellers. Write a nice ad explaining how and why you are the right agent to sell someone’s home for them. Admittedly you will not get a lot of leads from this, but you will get the occasional lead. Even if you get one sale every year from it, it’s worth spending the 5 minutes it takes to post it.


    1. Use your Facebook account. This is one place where you have to be careful and not overdo it. If you constantly post about being a Realtor, some of your Facebook friends may block your updates from showing to them. But Facebook is a really great way to get leads. Update your profile to show that you are a Realtor. Post links to interesting real estate articles from time to time. And once in awhile just remind everyone that you are a Realtor. And be sure to post pictures of any deals that you have had close.


    1. Hold open houses and invite TONS of people in the area. Ask agents in your office which listings they have where you can hold an open house. (here’s a free Ebook that will guarantee you hold successful open houses.) Before the open house begins, knock on the doors of the 50 nearest houses to where you are hosting the open house. Yes, that is a lot. Give them all a flyer. And ask every single one of them if they know anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home. Don’t be shy. you want to succeed, so push past your comfort level and make it happen.


  1. Ask other agents for referrals. Some agents get too busy to handle all of their leads. Especially buyers, since it takes quite a bit of time to meet them or drive them to multiple homes during their search. An experienced agent that has more business than they can handle will be happy to refer their overflow work to you if you can convince them you will do a great job. Keep in mind they will want a referral fee when it closes. Expect to pay up to half of the commission to the referring agent, but of course try to negotiate it down as far as possible.

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Author: Justin Razmus

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