Investors are constantly looking to buy more real estate.
They need that next deal to keep their business going. Their income relies on purchasing that next home, that next apartment, or that next piece of commercial real estate. You, as a Realtor, can be the key to their success, which means that can also be the key to your success. Investors typically work off of their own personal “investment formula” which helps them to determine what they will buy. By learning the details of what they are looking for, and following the proper steps to market to these investors, you can grow your client base in minimum time, with a minimal budget. In other words, follow the steps in this course and you can close a lot of sales fast, even you have have just about no marketing budget. I know it’s true, because that’s what I did. And I had to figure it all out from the ground up. You don’t have to start from the beginning like I did!

“I started out making NO money selling real estate.”
Really, it’s true. In fact it was costing me money to have my real estate license. It was really sad! I started out in real estate without any idea of what I was doing. I had a background in running a business, more specifically a construction business. But I didn’t know much at all about real estate. In fact, it’s a little embarassing to admit, but in my first year I only sold one house. And my commission was about $300 after I paid my fees. It really was disheartening. I didn’t really know what to do. I tried taking floor time at the real estate office. I tried door-knocking on FSBO’s (note: That sucked!). I tried doing all kinds of different things. I felt like there was something I was missing, but didn’t quite know what it was. I didn’t want to be the annoying person that was constantly asking everyone who they knew that wanted to buy or a sell a house. I wanted to find a system that got prospects to contact me. And, as I now realize, the other bonus would be finding a type of client that would buy multiple homes. Think about the work you go through to get a new client. You sell a house for them, then maybe if you are lucky they buy another one. Or with a first time buyer you get to close a single transaction for them. What if you had clients that would close 15 or more transactions with you every year? Sound awesome? Yes, that is what I was thinking too.

“After my first year closing exactly one sale, things took off and I closed over 40 my second year.”
After that first year I found my niche working with real estate investors. I decided to start locating homes for Investors that wanted to purchase rental properties, or to flip houses. And it really took off. My second year as a licensed real estate agent I closed over 40 transactions! And by the following year I closed exactly 57 transactions, bought several rental properties, and “flipped” 3 houses for a profit. That was a huge jump from that first year where I still had to do side jobs in construction just to pay to keep my real estate license. Real estate was finally starting to become fun! I did all of this by doing massive amounts of research and learning everything there was to know about real estate investing. Then I began building a marketing campaign to get investors to contact me. And guess what? They did contact me. Some wanted to buy two or three homes. Some wanted to buy apartment buildings. Some wanted to buy 30 or more single family homes. My phone was ringing off the hook.I eventually landed many different clients that bought more than one property, some buying 20 or 30 properties in a year or two time period. Wow.

“I documented everything that was making me good money.”
I’ve always considered it good business practice to document everything you do that works. It makes it much easier to hire employees and have them handle certain parts of your business to help free up your time. In this case, it also made it so I was able to go through those notes, pull out the most effective strategies, and put them into this course that will work for anybody. Through trial and error I put together an efficient system of locating and documenting potential investment properties. I also put together a marketing system that worked perfectly to get large numbers of investors to contact me. This system is
so easy to duplicate if you just follow the steps. I started closing sale after sale, it was so easy after I had the system in place. And check this out. I was not only able to get paid my commissions as a Realtor, but I also found a way to charge thousands in additional fees for doing certain research that was added value to the investors. I was also able to connect the investors with the work crews. All of these services paid extra. In fact, quite a bit extra. It is all documented in this training manual.

 Learn how to sell much more real estate much faster than most people think is possible. Learn the secrets of working with investors.

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