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Getting Ideas From Other Industries to Sell More Real Estate

Sometimes it seems like real estate agents are so stuck in the real estate mindset that they forget there are thousands of other ideas out there to market products and services. Seriously, how many freakin’ times do we see real estate agents do the same boring marketing campaigns over and over? No wonder most of them complain that their marketing budget is too high and they just aren’t getting enough leads. People have seen it too many times, and just don’t respond anymore. I’m a fan of staying ahead of the curve, and learning from some of the other cutting edge industries. Let’s figure out how to steal their ideas to sell more houses. Who’s in with me?

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Sometimes when we are really involved in selling real estate, its almost like we put blinders on. We know that there are other types of businesses out there, but it is really hard to relate to what they are doing. I tended to read only books on real estate marketing, real estate sales, real estate whatever… What we need to realize is that there are tons of good ideas out there from other industries that can be used in real estate.

One of my big moments that I can remember clearly is the day I first read the E-Myth. It was one of the first non-real-estate business books I had read since I started selling real estate. At that point I was already selling a lot of real estate, and had somewhere around 20 people working for me. I remember clearly that I was on an airplane heading to California for a vacation. I read almost the entire book on the way. Even though it wasn’t about real estate, every time I turned the page I found something else that made so much sense to me. It talked about building a business, rather than being the business. About setting up systems so things automatically got done. It was a huge game changer for me. After that I started paying attention to all different types of business ideas and marketing, and always try to see how I can apply them to selling real estate.

Marketing Inspiration From Other Industries.

The core of your real estate business is your marketing. Whether its online, print, radio, or networking, getting the word out is how you get new clients. I get a lot of my inspiration from cool advertising I see other places. I personally am a fan of funny or entertaining ads. I like things that are memorable and maybe a little odd. (Remember my throwing darts at faces contest?) Here are a few ads that I thought were kind of awesome.

Dollar Shave Club.

With around 6 million views and over 50,000 likes on YouTube, I’d say they did a good job of creating a memorable ad. And its funny as hell. This video gives me some awesome ideas for future marketing campaigns.

Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial.

This is another one that is awesome. It’s funny because it is completely honest. Tell me this doesn’t give you some good ideas…

And one last one that I just found today…

I had planned to write more about using business models from other industries also, but I honestly I just wasted way too much time watching a whole ton of videos on YouTube to add to this post. So it will have to wait until a future date. I hope you got some marketing inspiration from the videos and come up with something unique and memorable!

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Author: Justin Razmus

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  1. Great videos. I love the mobile home one. I saw it a long time ago and thought it was great.

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  2. Lol. I literally just had to sign up for dollar shave club after I watched that video. Very funny. Those are some good ideas.

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  3. I have to add these to my list of videos to watch for motivation when I’m getting ready to do my next marketing campaign. Too funny. Thanks for posting.

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  4. The Three Pigs is GREAT! Watched it several times to catch all the comments and innuendo. Loved it!
    Now… for the Dollar Shave Club. Loved it ad! Can I put on my website that I sell F*******ing great homes?

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    • I’m still wondering how people would respond to a real estate agent that did a marketing campaign that bold… It obviously worked for the dollar shave club people. That video is getting tons of views. I think maybe I should try out a marketing campaign like that.

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