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How to get Real Estate Investors as Clients – 60 Second Video

A lot of my real estate business over the years has come from investors. The biggest advantage to working with investors, in my opinion, is the fact that they tend to buy multiple properties. So instead of constantly looking for new clients to sell a single house to, one client can turn in to multiple sales. And it’s not that hard to get investors to contact you. They are always looking for more deals, and it’s easy to get in front of them. Today’s 60 second video discusses a simple marketing technique that I used to get many of my investor clients.

Author: Justin Razmus

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  1. Great idea. I work with investors already. and am going to give it a try to find new clients.

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  2. Thanks! Good stuff. Love the short videos. Right to the point.

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  3. I used to use craigslist a lot, but it’s been awhile. I am going to give these tips a try. Keep the videos coming.

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  4. Are there any other sites you know of that I can post on to get more investors to call me?

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