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How to Get Real Estate Leads Online

Most real estate agents would love to get more leads than they already do.

Getting leads from the Internet is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to build your real estate business. There are many different ways to generate buyer and seller leads online. Let’s discuss a few.

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Posting Ads

When buyer are looking for a new home (or sellers are looking to see what else is out there), they will search for homes online. In fact, one of the most searched websites is Craigslist. If you have listings but are not posting them on Craigslist, then you are missing out.

I’ve heard from many Realtors that they have tried posting ads but it doesn’t work for them. There are a few reasons for that, and it is pretty easy to make changes that will make your ads perform much better. First, make sure you use a nice template when you post your ads (although I have heard success stories using very simple text-only ads). When using a template, add in several links back to your website. The page it should take them to is a sign up page. You will want to give people a reason to sign up. A good one that I use all the time is “The Hot Deals List”. They can sign up and receive weekly or monthly updates in their email. The updates have the latest and best deals that we know of in the area.

Paid Services

There are many services and websites out there that generate real estate leads that you can pay to get. A couple of the big names are Zillow and Trulia. With both of these companies you pay a set monthly amount to get leads within a certain zip code. When listings in that zip code are displayed, your contact information is shown. If they are interested in the proprty that is displayed they have the option to contact you.

You can choose more than one zip code, depending on your budget and how many leads you can handle. I’ve used both of these networks with pretty good success.

There are many more options for getting real estate leads online.

Stay tuned as I spell out many of the different ways to effectively get real estate leads online, including landing pages, SEO, social media advertising, LinkedIn networking, and more.

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Author: Justin Razmus

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