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Marketing to Expired Listings, a 60 Second Video

This video series is designed to cover many subjects to help you become a more effective real estate agent. Every video is 60 seconds or less. I know you are busy, but it’s always a good idea to stay motivated, get new ideas, and continue with what is already working.

Today we discuss marketing to expired listings. There are a couple of different approaches to marketing to them. You already know they are motivated to sell since they already had their home listed. Most likely they are frustrated that it didn’t sell, so you need to set yourself apart by showing them that you have a better approach to getting their home sold. You can do this by highlighting your marketing plan in a well-thought out listing packet.

There are a few ways to contact expired listings. One great way is to actually go straight to the house and knock on the door. This is a good approach if you have the time, but not much of a marketing budget.

The most time effective way to market to expired listings is through a mailing campaign. I suggest sending a toal of about 7 mailers. You will send the most in the first two weeks. I recommend 4 mailers total. A personalized letter is a good way to start, followed up by postcards. After the first two weeks you can slow your mailings down to monthly or bi-monthly.

Author: Justin Razmus

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