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Real Estate Leads by Throwing Darts at Faces?

There is more than one way to market yourself, and some Realtors have had huge success by doing things that are a little (or a lot) different. These extremely different marketing ideas aren’t for everyone, but at the very least they can be used to spark your creativity to come up with something different to help you stand out from the crowd of “boring” marketing that most real estate agents are doing.

Here’s a real story about an agent that did a contest that got quite a bit of interest.

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The dart in your face contest.

Ok, I admit that this is not what the agent called this marketing campaign, but it makes a headline that you just need to hear more about, doesn’t it? This is a marketing campaign I put together for one of my clients to leverage social media to get his name out there.

The basis of this marketing idea was to give away a few gift cards to fans of the agent’s Facebook page. Several emails and Facebook posts were sent out asking people to comment on a certain posts on his Facebook page. Every person that commented was entered into the contest. The final amount of people that entered the contest was somewhere around 30. That’s not a ton of people, but wait until you hear the results.

All that the people entering the contest knew was that there would be a random drawing at the end, and the winners would be announced. What they didn’t know is how we were going to randomly determine the winners. What we did was print off the Facebook profile pictures of each person that entered the contest. They were then taped onto a dart board. We took the dart board outside behind the office and hung it up. All of this was caught on video. The agent made a short announcement that he was going to determine the winner by throwing darts at them (and he kept laughing throughout the presentation, making it even more entertaining). He threw the darts, and the camera zoomed in on the winners. Then the camera follows as he walks back inside, with some upbeat music playing. The video fades out, and the agent’s slogan and contact information appear on the screen. If I remember right, the whole video was about 3 or 4 minutes long.

I realize that a lot of agents wouldn’t be comfortable throwing darts at pictures of their potential clients, but this particular agent had the sense of humor for it, and people thought it was great. So here is the interesting part. Remember how I told you only about 30 people signed up for the contest? After editing the video and uploading it to Facebook, it got viewed by over 500 people in the first 2 days. That is a lot of people watching the video!

Why and how did so many people see the video?

That is the beauty of social media, especially Facebook. First, after the video was uploaded, we tagged every person that was entered into the contest. This meant that they would all watch it to see if they won, and it would show up on their Facebook wall as a video they were in. This gave all of their friends access to view it also. Next, many people commented on the video because they found it entertaining and clicked “like” on it. Both of these actions also showed up on their wall so their friends could check out the video too.

And I should mention that the video was filmed on a really low quality camera. This campaign was done well before I ever purchased any decent video equipment. The lower quality filming didn’t hurt it at all. People liked it because the idea was interesting, funny and different.

I hope this story gives you motivation to try something a little different and unique in your marketing campaigns. If you give people something interesting enough to talk about, they really will talk about it. And when they do that on social media sites it can really give you a lot of exposure with no monetary cost to you.

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Author: Justin Razmus

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  1. Lol, love this! You have me motivated to try something a little different. I’m pretty sure I wont be throwing darts, but I’m going to have a brainstorming session with my assistant today. Keep up the good work. Its really helpful to read things like this to keep the new idea coming.

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