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Full Course
Learn how to get leads almost instantly.
Choosing your ideal client types to maximize your income.
Big mistakes Realtors make that you need to avoid.
Free (and low budget) marketing plans to get you started fast.
Getting investors to call you.
How to "pre-qual" investors, and work with their investment strategy.
Learn the investment formulas investors use so you can "talk the talk".
Finding investment properties for your clients (multiple ways).
Getting people to refer new clients to you.
Value added services to make more money than commissions alone.

This is the spreadsheet that I had my team design to easily evaluate investment properties for my clients. It runs through every question you need to ask about the house from repair costs to after-repair-value of the property.

It automatically calculates potential profit of the property for you.

More Extras:

Investor pre-qualification form

Utility transfer spreadsheet

Questions? Get in touch with me here.