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The Only Way To Really Succeed Selling Real Estate

I remember wondering what the big secret was. How do you become a really successful real estate agent? I got my real estate license, read a ton of books about selling real estate, and spent a shitload of money on training classes (when I didn’t have money to spend). All of those things were probably necessary for me to get where I am today, but none of them are the reason I was able to sell so many houses.

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I have had my ups and downs. I had a slow start in real estate, selling only one house my first entire year. I think of myself as pretty intelligent, but know there are smarter people than me out there. I really had only one thing going for me. I am persistent. And that might be a huge understatement. When I decide I want to do something, I figure out how to do it. There really is no stopping me. Sometimes I figure things out fast, sometimes it takes me forever, but I sure as hell will keep pushing until I make something happen.

Let’s take this blog as an example. I set this site up a long time ago, probably at least two or three years ago. I never did much with it. But then about 30 days ago, I decided I wanted to start a really high quality blog with a ton of solid information on selling real estate. Now what I have been told is that it can take many months or even years to get a decent number of readers to your blog. Well I decided I didn’t want to wait that long.

“It’s much easier to keep it going once you have momentum, the hardest part is to get things to start moving.”

Let me give you some stats. And I hope you realize I’m not bragging or talking myself up, I’m just showing how my thought process works and how I got results. And don’t worry, this really does have something to do with selling real estate! Ok, so I’m looking at the stats from June 13th 2012 to July 13th 2012 (one month). This blog had 121 visits during that time period. The stats for the next one month period from July 14th to August 14th are a completely different story. This is when I started focusing on really making this blog useful to people, and putting 100% effort into marketing it. Visits have jumped to 1,752 during that time period. What the hell? How did I do it? I used the same principles I used when I went from selling one house in an entire year to over 40 the very next year.

It’s all in your head.

In just a moment I will break things down for you, but first let me tell you this. The most important thing you can have is determination. Success should be your only option, and you have to know deep down that you will 100% reach your goals. You will never give up. That is the only way I have accomplished anything. Pure determination. Once you have that, then you move on to the next steps.

First, gain knowledge. Read some really good books about selling real estate. One of the first books I read was the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. I loved that book. I remember I was so broke when it came out that I went and borrowed it from the library. I also suggest finding a really successful agent that you respect and ask them to mentor you. I never did that, but I really think I would have gotten off to a faster start if I had.

You have to know what you are doing. Just keep learning. Take it serious.

My next step is to just break things down into pieces, and work on them like a crazy person that’s on a mission of extreme importance. Seriously, I became borderline obsessed with marketing myself just before I started making good money. I was awake at 5am half the time. And I HATE getting up that early! Now I rarely roll out of bed before 8am. But I was on a mission, and nothing was going to stop me, not even staying a few extra hours in my warm comfy bed enjoying all of that wonderful sleep I was giving up! And I was staying up really late too. Any day that I didn’t get up extremely early, I stayed up all hours of the night working. So I guess basically what I am saying is to become so obsessed with making it big that you give up all of your spare time and use it to reach your goals. Well, that might be too much. You would probably go crazy and hurt yourself or something. But, especially when you are starting out, you really need to go at it full force. It’s much easier to keep it going once you have momentum, the hardest part is to get things to start moving.

Whether it was selling real estate, or writing a blog, I just break it down into pieces and work really hard on each. I study what others have done. I learn from what others have done. I make a ton of mistakes and learn from those too. But one thing I never do is give up. I believe I can, and I know I am right.

I would also like to add that you need to have the mindset of doing things the right way, and actually helping people out. If you do a bad job just to try to make some money, you could end up letting someone buy a house that they shouldn’t have. Or you could overlook something important that you should have been paying attention to. And you could end up with a bad reputation really fast. You have to provide the highest quality service that your Clients could ever imagine having. It is almost impossible to fail if you do that. Think of every Client as being extremely important. Communicate with them. Meet your deadlines. Listen to what they have to say. This kind of stuff is really important.

Now take a minute and look through my blog for ideas you can use to start getting new clients, or go pick up a good book on real estate. Then wake your ass up tomorrow at 5am and make something happen! Just make sure you don’t wake me up until after 8… :-)

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Author: Justin Razmus

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  1. Really good article. I’m the same way, weather its selling real estate, marketing myself or my blog, i’m working all morning and night, for 2 reasons. I love what I do and I’m partially obsessed with being the best at my craft. Balance is needed or else you can burn out, remember to take some time off and surround yourself with great people that can alleviate some of the pressure. Once again, great article.

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