What’s Included

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  • The Secrets of Working With Investors Training Documentation. 63 pages of to-the-point instruction that will teach you to sell real estate to investors quickly and easily. This is a downloadable PDF book. No waiting, you will get instant access.
  • Investor Pre-Qualification Worksheet. All of the questions you will need answered to determine if an investor is serious, and to determine what types of properties you will sell to them.
  • Property Evaluation Spreadsheet. This is the actual spreadsheet we use to evaluate properties for our clients.
  • Utility Transfer Spreadsheet. Another spreadsheet we use internally to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Free Videos. These are free videos that are available online. We added these in just in case you haven’t seen them yet. The content is good and discusses building a free lead generating website.

Here is the Table of Contents From The 63 Page Guide

Copyright and Disclaimer…page 2
Introduction…page 4
Advantages of working with investors…page 5
My Story…page 6
Who are the right clients?…page 7
The new investor…page 8
Experienced Investors…page 9
The one time investor…page 10
Marketing 101…page 11
Don’t do that: Common marketing mistakes…page 12
Free and nearly free marketing plans that get results…page 13
Step by step instructions: making use of the Internet…page 13
Tips for generating leads from your website…page 20
Lead follow: Simple truths that will double your sales…page 23
Working with your new clients…page 26
How to properly pre-qualify your clients… page 27
Determine your new client’s investment strategy… page 28
Basic investment formula…page 29
Page 2
Table of Contents Cont’d…
Finding the right properties for your clients…page 31
Maximize the effectiveness of the MLS…page 32
What you need to know about REO’s…page 33
REO vs short sale: Which is better?…page 34
Can I get paid from a FSBO?…page 35
Other avenues of locating properties…page 35
Building your referral network…page 38
Working with bankers and lenders…page 39
Locating and working with reliable contractors…page 45
Locating and working with reliable property managers…page 48
Value added services…page 51
Why should I offer extra services?…page 52
Earning income from value added services…page 53
How (and who) to charge for your services…page 54
Setting the proper expectations…page 54
Limiting your liability…page 55
Extras…page 56
20 eye catching ads to use on the Internet…page 57
Commonly used real estate terms…page 59


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